Welcome To Our Class Blog Exploring 7 Countries In 8 Weeks

In USA on June 7, 2011 by Rohit Bhargava

This blog will be updated by a group of students in a course called “Global Communications In The Age Of Social Media” in the Georgetown University Center for Social Impact.  The course is taught by Rohit Bhargava and will run during the Summer of 2011.  During that time, each week students will share a post with insights about digital communications in 7 different countries.  For this year, our country schedule is:

  1. Norway (Articles posted by 6/19)
  2. Chile (Articles posted by 6/25)
  3. India (Articles posted by 7/17)
  4. South Africa (Articles posted by 7/24)
  5. China (Articles posted by 7/31)
  6. Turkey (Articles posted by 8/7)
  7. London/UK (Articles posted by 8/13)

Each country will have approximately 20 blog posts from students in the class and all posts are open for anyone to comment and share their own thoughts.  Thanks for checking our blog and feel free to come back often to see our posts throughout the class!

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