Technology + Dating = Counter-productive

In USA on June 10, 2011 by jmpea

Remember a time when you met someone you were interested in and the both of you exchanged contact information, held a few phone conversations and eventually went out on a date. Me, being from the south, there were times where my family or friends would have to meet you before we could even go on a date alone. Some may even call those the good ole days, when you actually took the time to get to know someone, their family, friends, and interests. Let’s fast-forward to the present (no more reminiscing); we get to know people via Google and/or Facebook (I will admit it is good to do a little research people are crazy these days). The old-fashioned way of dating is starting to become more difficult to maintain. The ease of logging onto a computer at any time of the day, particularly after a long day of work and/or school to “date” makes things very convenient. We have become a “microwave generation” seeking instant gratification. Online dating eliminates the pressures and nervousness caused during face-to-face interactions with others, as the elders would call the “courting” period. Apparently there are those who don’t mind dating behind a computer screen, because the trend of online dating sites are projected to increase in revenue from $900 million in 2007 to $1.9 billion in 2012.
Online dating is one shortcut that is counter-productive to the traditional ways of dating. We all know shortcuts rarely produce quality rewards. Online dating to me is cheating. People are able to build the person they always wanted to be but never will become. It allows online daters to provide profiles and images of how they wish to be viewed, which rarely is true. When you get to see all about a person before you even meet, there is no period of getting to know each other. The beginnings of dates are being removed, no more asking “where do you work” or “what do you do for fun” or “what do you have planned this weekend?” Everything is already done for you with profiles containing your life story and daily plans.
Another shot against online dating is that it is unsafe. I feel like every time I hear something about online dating (minus the cheesy eHarmony commercials) someone is either missing or dead. There is even a “Ten Commandments for Online Dating” which provides ways to make the online dating process smoother. My favorite commandment is “Be vague: Less is more”. If that is not a red flag to be cautious of online dating, then I don’t know what is.
Now don’t get me wrong I love technology. It is a part of all we do and is a plays a vital role in society. I understand technology makes it easier to cut the traditional ways of doing many things. It is more convenient to send text messages during a meeting as oppose to stepping out and calling that person. That is understandable. What I cannot understand though is trying to learn about a person and develop a bond from behind a computer screen. Hey, call me old-fashioned, but the divorce rate was high enough before online dating existed. Now we have to worry about the crime rate as well. As one born in the microwave generation, I will admit I like to not have to wait for things. Such as, standing in lines ANYWHERE, flying over driving, and early promotions just to name a few. But some things are better made from scratch and one is love!

One Response to “Technology + Dating = Counter-productive”

  1. What I liked about this post was your personal voice came through loud and clear and the way that you started the post immediately drew the reader in to learn more. Your point is certainly understandable as there are plenty of people who don’t see the fascination with online dating and share your point of view.

    It wasn’t clear from your post, though, how this was a communications trend or something that more directly answered the question posed in the blogging assignment. If online dating is a trend and there are more and more people finding value from it (as you seem to prove with your data points about the growing revenue) – the logical trend seems to be that more people are preferring to find their potential mate with the help of the computer.

    Your main point about that being counterproductive is fine – but you need to find more proof to back up your conclusion so it isn’t just your personal opinion but rather that it turns into more of a communications trend. A point of view is important, but you need some ammunition behind it so it goes beyond.

    The last point was that the lack of formatting made this post tough to read – and without any links (including for your data points), it was hard to see what some of your points (eg – every time you hear something, “someone is missing or dead”) were based on. (3)

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