Twitter vs Facebook: The Gloves Are Off

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Ah, the ever present battle: Who triumphs in social media, Twitter or Facebook?  Any and every social media junkie, addict and connoisseur has their opinion, even Microsoft and Apple seem to be taking sides.

With the announcement of Apple’s iOS-5’s new collaboration with Twitter, one has to wonder if Twitter just delivered a right hook to Facebook in the battle for number one.   With this new partnership, Twitter will now be the default sharing application in the Mac camera, Safari and YouTube, allowing the hundreds of millions of users with iPhones, iPads and iPods to share their content via Twitter with just one click.

True, Facebook does have a larger global audience, spanning over 6 million users, compared to Twitters almost 2 million, but it looks as if Facebook may be feeling the pressure;  case in point: the launch of the “Happening Now” feature on Facebook.  My, oh my, it sure does resemble the entire premise of Twitter, now doesn’t it?

A few measly years ago, Twitter was an afterthought, but now it’s reasonable to question whether Twitter may  be  in a position to surpass this social media giant.  Even states, “this partnership could very much help move Twitter from Facebook’s distant cousin to its arch rival.” Only time will tell who will be crowned victorious in this battle to the top.

One Response to “Twitter vs Facebook: The Gloves Are Off”

  1. Interesting choice to focus on the rising rivalry of sorts between Facebook and Twitter. You are right that the “happening now” feature does seem inspired by Twitter.

    Based on the assignment for this week, it wasn’t really clear what trend you were singling out in this post or what your point of view was. In pitting Facebook against Twitter, there were several questions that this might raise for readers. The first is whether this is really an apples to apples comparison as no one would argue that people can do the same things on both networks.

    More importantly there are plenty of people who are (and will continue to be) perfectly happy using both. In a fight with two services delivered for free to people around the world, it is not clear whether either one will ever really be “crowned victorious” or even that it matters.

    There are, of course, ways that it could matter … such as who gets a bigger piece of ad revenue. Without digging deeper on that level, though, this post did not really focus on the topic of the assignment for the week. (3)

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