So much to say, but not really….

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Snookie: Tell me why we care, again?

Is it real or fake? Her tan, I mean.

It appears to me that the voracious appetite for the tiniest details of everyone’s lives are distracting us all from bigger issues. Liberty. Justice. Freedom. Health. Love. Peace. For instance, on the news last night, I watched a self-congratulatory reporter preening about how he was successful in having all of Sarah Palin’s e-mails printed and examined. I don’t get it. Didn’t she run for office a while ago? Is she a national threat? Are we that interested in her politics?Alaska? Her carpool pick ups? The normal chaos of a working mother’s life? It came off to me as a witch hunt. Is that a professional victory? I don’t really get that involved in politics, but I do see social injustice, and people just being mean as a problem. Particularly, this predatory reporter (I won’t name names, but you could totally google him) who looked like they had just eaten a big fat canary. How violated must Palin feel? How defenseless? How bullied? Is this responsible journalism? Why is this okay??

This morning, I logged in to Facebook (I am taking a social media class after all…) and I see the most ridiculous pictures that my “friends” have posted, and 45 minutes later, I think I might be dumber for it. Is Social Media valuable? Or dangerous? Creating solutions? Or just causing more problems? Do these goofballs know this stuff does not go away? And helllooo-oooo, where did my morning go?? Not to be a wet blanket or anything, but I am totally underwhelmed by the barrage of the least insightful and least meaningful conversations that I have ever not really¬†had with people who I don’t really know. Powerful tools put in the hands of feeble minds, and nimble fingers are dangerous indeed. My own included.

Is this obsession with daily details purely American? Is this our export? No wonder we are held in low esteem in so many other countries. Our most enduring American export is the ugly American? Do those in other countries care about where Snooki is getting her nails done in Italy? Or where the Situation is going to bench press? Or which spray tan Kim Kardashian uses? We have so many ways to communicate, and so many channels, and instead of sharing the best of our culture, science, technology, arts, industry, we are sharing gossip about self-loving pop culture stars. The triumph of the idiot culture indeed.

Is the information that we share relevant, worthwhile or insightful or does it just clutter the minds of the insatiable consumers? Personally, my brain is on overload. There is so much noise, and so many messages that I can’t hear that little voice deep inside my heart that whispers my dreams, hopes, wishes, courage, disappointments and sorrows. The one that gives me direction and light and assures me that in the end, it will all be okay and we will live happily ever after.

Do you really care about my opinion? Wait, who are you? Do I care about yours? Seriously? What was the question again? Just got a txt msg and lost my train of thought. LOL.TTFN.

One Response to “So much to say, but not really….”

  1. First of all, let me say I agree with a lot of what you posted here. Much of social media can lend itself to the tedium of the everyday where each point is less significant than the one before. We are certainly surrounded by insignificance and it causes overload.

    Your post was a nice editorial piece and had a strong personal voice which was great. What wasn’t clear was how it related to the assignment this week. What was the trend that you were focused on? If it was social media itself, then the question any reader might wonder is whether all social media fits this description of insignificance. What about the uses of social media for revolutions in the middle east? Or how Twitter is allowing people to get customer service for themselves?

    There were also no supporting links or any additional research for your post … which seemed to indicate that this was solely based on your personal reaction and not any outside third party reading. Without it, this post was just a strong op-ed but not a complete response to the blog post assignment. (3)

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