Norwegians want to wear Victoria’s Secret lingerie too

In USA on June 17, 2011 by pris0fcourse

“We want Victoria’s Secret stores in [enter your country of residence].” This is what I imagine all non-US and Canadian lingerie-wearing female residents and their lovers desire. Before I moved to the US from The Netherlands less than 2 years ago, I would visit every summer with wish lists from my friends wanting some VS goodies.

A couple of years ago I did my international internship in DC and during that time I worked part-time at VS at the Pentagon city mall. The store attracted a lot of tourists who often mentioned to me how much they would love to have our stores in their home towns. Not sure why Vicky isn’t branching out internationally when there seems to be so much interest. Maybe she’s scared her secret will be revealed #corny #sorry….(shame on me for using hash tags where it has no use). Rumor has it; Victoria is a dude. You didn’t hear from me!

There seems to be significant brand recognition in Norway already mostly through the internet and social media. Out of the 4.6 million people in Norway, 1,065,060 are FB users. VS is very active in promoting the brand and products through social media…the brand’s FB page has the most mutual “likes” between me and my friends. The wall is updated a couple of times a day and a post could get more than 30.000 “likes” and over 3.000 comments.  all over the world.  The Norwegians, however also have their own petition type FB group to get VS stores in Norway.

Insight: I think that if Vicky would take a risk in having her/his secret revealed and open stores in Norway, there would already be a market niche and little brand awareness campaigns would be needed. I believe social media and word-of-mouth would carry the brand to be successful in that market. People wouldn’t be saying there is a new lingerie store in town, they’d be rejoicing: Victoria’s Secret is finally here!

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One Response to “Norwegians want to wear Victoria’s Secret lingerie too”

  1. I enjoyed the beginning of your post and how you related the main point of your post to a personal story of living in another country where people would have loved to have VS as a brand in their country and there was a similar level of consumer enthusiasm around the idea of perhaps having the store in their country. Ultimately, your biggest hurdle was that the premise of your post seems to be based on a Facebook group started in 2008 which is more than 3 years old and now seems dormant. This raises a few questions which you didn’t ask in your post – there was a spike over the course of a month when this group was first opened, but what happened to all of those people? Is there still this pent up demand for a VS store in Norway through social media that the brand isn’t responding to? If so, did you find it anywhere else outside of this one group? What about the VS announcement and plans to open more international stores, which the brand seems to have long resisted according to this piece I came across online:

    The other main point with this is that the part of your post which focuses on Norway was quite light in terms of your analysis. As a result, your insight at the end of the post was more of a conclusion for VS about why they might want to consider opening a store in Norway. Without linking this more specifically to social media or to the assignment for the week – it was not clear how you might best link this to making a conclusion that focused more on engagement and communications. (3)

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