Move Over Snuggie…Make Way For The Norwegians

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Just when you thought lounging attire could not have gotten any more ridiculous than the phenomenon that is, Snuggie, Norwegians have found a way to top it.

Snuggie, the ever so popular, lovable, one piece flannel outfit that’s marketed as the cool way to lounge while doing just about any activity you can think of —homework, watching the game and lazy afternoons with the grandkids —has officially been outdone with the Norwegian take on the comfort and casual, the OnePiece.

The one-piece, footed garment instantly brings back memories of Christmas morning when my siblings and I, donned in our new pajamas, would rush downstairs to find what Santa left us. Outside of that situation, and perhaps in addition to being a six year old excited about a sleepover at my best friend’s, it appears very difficult to muster up much excitement about outfitting myself into monochromatic material head to toe.

Apparently I’m alone in not succumbing to the craze. OnePiece has completely taken off in Norway and even has a few famous faces to offer “cool cred”. Kate Moss, Paris Hilton, David Beckham and Jude Law are among the many famous faces spotted rocking their OnePieces. The one piece contraption originally designed by 6 Norwegians as the perfect outfit to recover after a night out on the town has even been spotted on the town — yes, at an actual night club itself. Well, at least it’s safe to say no one else will have on your outfit.

Picture it, 6 friends gathered in a room after a night out on the town complaining how they just didn’t have the perfect outfit to “recover” after a long night. Perhaps the night’s inhibitions were still in their system when they came to the consensus that a one-piece footed jumpsuit was the answer to their prayers. I would kill to have been a fly on that wall.

I may, however, stand alone in my disdain for the outfit. Bloggers began to pick up the buzz on fashion’s latest craze and expressed extreme like for the idea. I understand the universal appeal of the garment as it is available in a wide array of patterns, colors and fabrics. OnePiece fans can don their attire at the beach in a light weight cover-up, on a camping trip in red, wool flannel, or to bring in the holiday season in a snowflake covered option. Bah hum bug!

Not to forget the little OnePiece fans, sizing is also available in youth sizes so the whole family can get in on the craze. While I can relate to the practicality of being on to throw on what seems like your most favorite sweatshirt, I was completely taken aback with the most extreme pattern of them all, the two-tone OnePiece. Yes, that’s right, for a nominal fee you can channel your inner Cruella de Vil and sport a two-tone black and white number. My only caution, don’t walk past any firehouses.

All things considered, I think we as Americans have had our fair share of outrageously successful market items —remember the Bump-It, popularized by our resident drunken 5 foot Jersey girl? And one can’t forget the blueprint for the OnePiece craze, the Snuggie —now available in leopard print.

I suppose this too shall pass, with any luck. The OnePiece was not capable in luring me because of its practicality, but perhaps the complete opposite. As a result, I have now chosen to write a blog about it and several of my readers will surely visit the site either of intrigue or curiosity. I guess it’s true what they say —any press is good press.

One Response to “Move Over Snuggie…Make Way For The Norwegians”

  1. How funny that the OnePiece has been catching on in so many places. As a father of a six year old, I thought we had put those “onesie” style clothes behind us … even he says he’s too old for them. Still, this seems to indeed be a fashion trend and an interesting and growing one. There were several places in your post where offering a link to more information was desperately needed. You link to the OnePiece website multiple times, but there is no link for where you found that all the celebrities were wearing this, for example. What a great visual for your post that would have been to show what David Beckham looks like in one of these ridiculous outfits!

    More importantly, when you say that “bloggers began to pick up the buzz” – how do you know this? Did you find any blog posts specifically talking about it that you can link to? The bigger point about this post is that the link to social media and to Norway specifically was less clear. The company was clearly started by a bunch of Norwegians, but I didn’t get from your post where this demonstrated lots of conversations or love for the brand in Norway. Their website is clearly targeted to the UK and all the press that they seem to have received (based on their press page – is UK-based press. If you found great love for this brand or conversation in Norway, we need some links or quotes to demonstrate that. Without it, this post highlights an interesting fashion trend and gives us some background and thoughts about it – but doesn’t quite make the connection to the writing assignment for the week or to Norway specifically. (3)

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