How TVN is using social media to (literally) drive engagement in Chile

In USA on July 2, 2011 by Abby

Twitto Homepage

Chile’s state-owned television broadcasting station, TVN, has launched an initiative in late 2010 to honor their 41st anniversary and bridge the gap between virtual and in-person consumer interaction. Two cars, the Twitto Twins, travel the country to cover news stories and promote interaction with the television channel.  The campaign includes a blog, videos online, is linked to Twitter, Facebook and YouTube, and live-broadcasts from events. 

The Twitto campaign complements Reportwiteros, a network of 45,000 Chileans contributing user-generated news content online.  It was created as a way to “promote interactive communication with audiences” and as an interactive way of delivering news as it happens.


 Why it works

It’s Unique. Maybe I’m old school, but I still see value in face-to-face interaction.  TVN’s mobile campaign sets them apart from other companies implementing social media strategies that are 100% digital.  The Twitto initiative is fueled by social media but the promotional aspect is key; Twitto brings the best of both worlds to TVN’s outreach.

It’s Relevant. As one of my classmates noted in a post regarding Chileans’ love of futbol, the people of Chile are passionate about the sport. With

Twitto Blog following the Copa America

the Copa América underway, TVN has leveraged the interest and is blogging Twitto’s journey to the Copa.  Events like this occur all the time, and TVN is ready and able to add its voice.

It’s Multifaceted.  TVN’s initiative combines traditional and digital tactics to deliver a robust and diversified strategy. Content is available as live-feeds and is archived. Rather than stick to one platform, they incorporate several to ensure their audience is reached in multiple ways.   This also allows them capture the attention of more people than they would if they had chosen just one platform – sticking to Facebook would mean missing out on engaging those who aren’t active on the site.

And most importantly, It’s Personal.  The Twitto Twins and the conversation online give viewers direct access to a physical representation of the company and the campaign provides a way for them to feel connected and engaged.

While much of the content on TVN would likely be watched regardless of the Twitto Twins and the online conversation, the campaign helps elevate the company to an engaged, interactive, valued and recognizable member of the community.

One Response to “How TVN is using social media to (literally) drive engagement in Chile”

  1. Nice choice of topic this week with TVN and their campaign for using social media. While your post was simple and short, you did a good job of sharing what the campaign was and several reasons why you thought that it worked well. I also really liked the fact that you had read your classmate’s post and chosen to link to it – which demonstrated to me (and any other reader) that you were conscious of the fact that you were writing on a shared group blog and that linking to other posts on the same blog would be a good way to show continuity.

    The only thing that could have made this post even stronger was if you looked analytically at the TVN campaign and spotted one or two things that they DID NOT do but which could have made their effort even stronger. Still, this was a strong post regardless and an original contribution to the class blog this week. (5)

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