LG Gets Social in Chile

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It is every company’s mission to dominate a market with their products by way of productive and exciting consumer engagement. In the Web 2.0 era, productive and exciting consumer engagement often means utilizing social media in some capacity, if not entirely. In Chile, no company is engaging with consumers via social media better than LG. LG has been able to better position its brand and market its products by incorporating widespread consumer interests in its social media campaigns.

Paul Meadows, an executive at LG, recently said: “The next wave of our ‘Life’s Good’ brand campaign continues to educate and encourage consumers to get involved in technology. These new initiatives highlight the growing popularity of social networking and our increasing focus in that area… Young people today communicate with their friends and the world around them via social networks.”

With this in mind, LG heightened its level of engagement on social networks across the world, especially in Chile. It is tough to describe the scope of LG’s reach in Chile because they go beyond just having a presence on different social media networks — it is truly about consumer engagement with LG. Here are two recent social media marketing campaigns in which LG capitalized on the public’s interests to promote its products and engage with consumers:

LG and ‘The Social Network’

Last year, LG invited 400 people to a premiere party for the blockbuster hit The Social Network.’ At the premiere, LG also introduced the Plus — its latest touch screen and social networking enabled mobile phone.

The movie premiere not only afforded LG with the opportunity to host a great event, but also allowed them to get invaluable feedback from attendees on LG, its latest products, and its widespread use of social networks, specifically Facebook.

Although LG has a number of country specific Facebook sites, most only have a few thousand fans. However, the official LG Facebook site in Chile is enormously popular with close to half a million fans. Among the top Facebook pages in Chile, LG ranks 21 and is the only product line in the top 25, which is made up of sport teams and entertainers.

LG & Copa America Argentina 2011

Copa America, what is considered the most important sporting event in Latin America in which national soccer clubs compete, is currently being held in Argentina with LG serving as the main sponsor. As a way to promote its brand and get the public engaged with the tournament, LG announced a contest where consumers can enter to win its latest mobile devices and a 3D TV by using Facebook and QR codes to participate. Although this contest is being held across Central and South America, the campaign is being heavily promoted in Chile because of LG’s popularity there.

Social media is increasingly used by businesses of all sizes for effective marketing campaigns, but the success of a campaign on social networks not only lies in good planning and adequate resources, but having creativity as a fundamental element. When you’re a tech brand like LG that has new products to constantly introduce to the market, it can be challenging to be creative, break through clutter and reach consumers without seeming overbearing.

LG has been incredibly successful in engaging a large portion of Chilean consumers by asking for feedback on the company’s product range; as consumers, we tend to value companies more that are willing to hear what we have to say — especially when they take our thoughts and ideas into consideration. Likewise, LG has been successful in getting Chileans involved in company-related activities and events because they’re willing to pay attention to their interests and meet them where they already are or, better yet, where they’re headed. Rule #1 in understanding consumers: pay attention to their behavior.

One Response to “LG Gets Social in Chile”

  1. Really strong post and examples this week, thanks to your choice of focusing on the efforts of a single brand. To me, what made this post stand out was the fact that you shared two real examples of different campaigns from the same brand, to make the point that they were pioneering use of social media in a way that few other brands were.

    One word of caution when you do this – make sure that you only state your conclusion after you share the examples to prove it. For example, your post started with the statement that “In Chile, no company is engaging with consumers via social media better than LG.” That seemed like an overstatement when I first read it, but after going through the examples in your post, I was much more likely to believe it. Sometimes when you are making a bold assertion like that, it is better to make your case first through your examples, and then share something like that as a big takeaway near the end of your post and you can highlight it at that point.

    Overall, a nice post and great example of a brand to focus on. (5)

    Disclaimer – I have worked on brand campaigns for LG in the past through my employer (Ogilvy) but was not involved in any of our efforts in Chile or the campaigns mentioned in this post.

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