Chile In A Glass

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Wines of Chile (WoC) is an organization that is committed to promoting the quality and image of Chilean wine throughout the world.  WoC’s 85 member wineries represent 85% of Chile’s bottled wine exports.  The Chilean Wine Industry is a profitable sector and saw a 13.5% increase in export sales this past April, which is a 500 million dollar return. This increase is in export sales follows a 47.3% rise in prices.  After doing some research on WoC, I came across their strategic plan for 2020. The goal of this plan to become the number one producer of sustainable and diverse premium wines from the New World, reaching exports of bottled wine of US$3 billion by the year 2020.  Prior to finding this plan, I had just watched a video that I saw on entitled “Social Media Revolution” that did a great job of detailing the importance and relevance of social media in our society.

This video shows how effective social media is nationally and globally. I immediately wondered if the WoC had included any social networking elements or components to their Strategic Plan 2020.  Of course they did, however they aren’t flushed out into any specific detail.  WoC highlighted in their plan that the “explosion of social networks allows direct low cost, high frequency, and world-wide communication and interaction with consumers.” In order to capitalize on this opportunity WoC’s plans to “actively participate in the social networks in which our target consumers participate and inform themselves, thereby establishing Wines of Chile as a honest and credible voice with respect to the quality of diversity of Chilean Wine.” WoC seems to be pretty active on the popular social networking sites, Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube.  They engage followers and fans in creating conversations.  The number of fans, followers, and views they have a relatively low, however if the tactics (that weren’t included in the plan) implemented are successful they should increase.  An article on encourages the wine industry to embrace social networking to promote their products and employ knowledgeable individuals to control the social networking messaging.

According to, a Chilean based wine and tourism website, “it is very difficult to measure how many of online ‘fans’ actually buy the products because of this interaction; nonetheless, it is a good way to receive feedback and suggestions to learn what consumers want.” is correct in some respects, it is hard to track if your social networking fans, followers and viewers are actually consumers, however maybe creating social media specific promotions and “QR codes“, can give WoC’s a better advantage in reaching their 2020 goal.

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  1. This post started well as you shared some very concrete facts about the state of the wine industry in Chile based on the strategic plan. It is clear that this is a growing area and one of focus – and the strategic plan lays out the plan overall for the industry. I’m not sure the intention of the document was to lay out the specific communications strategy or channels for the WoC, so the fact that those details about how they might use social media channels was missing did not entirely surprise me.

    You did ask the important question about how they are using these tools and the fact that it is difficult to measure. The main problem is that you stopped at that point and left several big unanswered questions without taking a stab at detailing your own thoughts on them. You come close, by sharing the ideas of creating social media specific promotions and QR codes, but leaving it at that left your post incomplete. If the WoC wanted to do more to use social media, what are your ideas for how they might do this? What do you think they are doing well right now and what could they improve on? Without going to this level of detail, you end up clearly stating their issue that measurement is tough and that they should use social media more … but we miss your original thinking on how they might do it. (3)

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