Why Wines of Chile is successful

In Chile on July 3, 2011 by jmpea

Today everyone uses social media as a form of communication. From politics to entertainment to college students to grandparents, social media dominates daily communication and interaction worldwide.  Aside from personal usage, companies have developed new unprecedented and creative strategies to reach consumers in massive droves. Social media offers companies a marketing avenue that appears accessible, current and connected to audiences all over the world.

Wines of Chile has benefitted from social media platforms by appealing to the over 8 million Chilean users who log hours online and connoisseurs of one of their favorite pastimes, wine. Chile is known for producing quality wine for its countrymen, who relish in the pride of homegrown products. Wines of Chile is an organization dedicated to promoting the quality and image of Chilean wine throughout the world, and informing people about Chilean wine through online outreach. They don’t simply inform people about Chilean wine through their social media outlets, they go beyond the basics.  Not only do they do an excellent job of intertwining Chilean history with Chilean wine heritage on the website, but they have also incorporated a sustainability component that establishes definitions and guidelines for environmental and social responsibility. They even have a Wine of Chile Sustainability Code that specifically designed for the Chilean wine industry.

Their Facebook page engages and attracts people from all over the world, even here in DC. They are constantly informing and engaging their audiences about various wines and events via Facebook posts and Twitter.  On a lighter note, the section dedicated to wine fun allows visitors to take quizzes and complete crossword puzzles on various wine topics.  Wines of Chile successfully reaches audiences from all over the world because of their ability to channel so much information from their website.  Regardless of what country you live in, Wines of Chile provides the reader with everything there is to know about Chilean wine.

One Response to “Why Wines of Chile is successful”

  1. You were a bit of a victim of your topic this week, as several other classmates chose to also write about Chilean wine. Unlike some of the others, who also mentioned the Wines Of Chile site, you did not go beyond just this one site to look deeper at how social media was being used by other groups in the wine sector and what this meant for engagement.

    This meant that your post remained more one dimensional in terms of simply reporting what a single group was doing rather than taking the next step of relating it to the broader industry as a whole. You needed more examples and research to be on a comparable level as the other posts.

    For the example that you did share, you need to go more into your own analysis of what they were doing right and what could be improved. The post as it was focused more on just sharing what the campaign was already doing and missed that critical element of sharing your own point of view on what it meant. (3)

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