Reflections On The July 13th Mumbai Terrorist Attack

In India on July 14, 2011 by Sanibelle

Photograph by: Indranil Mukherjee, AFP/Getty Images

Please pardon the creative liberty I’ve taken in deviating from this week’s marketing-focused post assignment. In the wake of the July 13th terrorist bombings of Mumbai, I feel that it’s appropriate to pause from the standard stream of posts, and use this space to express my condolences to those whose lives have been affected by the three attacks.

This unfortunate event is a grim and solemn reminder that despite India’s far and positive advances in progress, no country, organization, or individual is safe from malicious acts of terrorism.

And yet, India is connected, and this digital connection mirrored the emotional ties felt by Indians and those watching the attacks across the globe. As information from this devastating event was revealed, people rushed to these digital platforms to express sympathy, anger, and most importantly, communicate vital information to those caught in the midst of tragedy.

As India recovers from this harrowing experience, the world has united to support them, and my personal thoughts and prayers are with the Indian people as they rebuild their lives.

2 Responses to “Reflections On The July 13th Mumbai Terrorist Attack”

  1. […] most recent, albeit disheartening, example of this took place just last week after the Mumbai bombings. However, what was beautiful to witness was the quick mobilization of support that flooded through […]

  2. Very nice idea this week to commemorate this tragic event and to focus on it for your blog post. While the idea of talking a break from our daily routine and things like class assignments to support those who were victimized by the attack was great – there was more you could have done to talk about why having such a moment of silence was so important. How did you find out about the attack and how could an average person like you or I or any one of your reader’s do the most to recognize and support those who were suffering? Turning your post towards that a little more would have helped you to make your declaration of support a bit more meaningful as well (4)

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