Bringing India together one Oreo at a time

In USA on July 15, 2011 by jessicamurray22

In March of this past year, Cadbury India Ltd., which was recently acquired by Kraft Foods Group, introduced the famous Oreo cookie to its country, a treat that us here in the United States have been in love with for over 100 years.  I for one am surprised the people of India have survived this long without the delectable taste of Oreos in their lives, but am glad they are finally able to experience there deliciousness.  The goal of introducing what they refer to as a “biscuit” was to “Twist, Lick, and Dunk” it’s way into India (and of course increasing sales and drive business).  But with the introduction of the Oreo came a truly inspiring campaign, about love, togetherness, and family.

Oreo India recently launched The Oreo Togetherness Campaign, aimed at bringing families closer together one pledge at a time. Realizing that in today’s world it isn’t always easy for busy working parents to spend as much quality time with their children as they like, Oreo India set out to do something about it.   The movement is simple; all you need to do is log on to the Oreo India Facebook page, and sign the Togetherness Pledge.  Here you are promising to spend more time with your family.  As of today, over 15,000 people have signed the pledge, not a large number, but a strong start. Oreo doesn’t only ask you to join, it asks you to spread the message, with the hope that all the families in India will work towards the goal of family togetherness.  Its strategy for drawing you in is aided by providing you with the facts as to why this movement is important.  They invite you to take the Oreo Together Quotient quiz, to get the stats on what parents are really feeling about time with their children.  One of the most powerful being that only 55% of parents in India are happy with the current amount of time they spend with their children.  A statistic that is  saddening.  With similar data being presented regarding parents unhappiness with work-life balance, and the importance of the amount of time a father spends with the his family, the campaign leaves little room for you not wanting to join.

In addition to its growing momentum on Facebook, Oreo India has taken its movement on the road, via the Oreo Togetherness Bus.  Providing easily accessible ways for parents to become involved and participate in activities with their children, the bus will be visiting nine cities to help spur the movement.  For those parents who have not yet signed the pledge, the traveling bus will encourage them to do so.       

Whether or not the campaign is successful in bringing every family in India closer together is to be determined, but where its success is currently, is in growing its brand awareness in a very positive way.  I truly believe people are inspired by and love companies who are looking out for them, their families, and want to engage in something positive.  Oreo India is on the right path with its “Togetherness Movement.”  They aren’t simply seen as a biscuit company, but as a family company.  An idea like this is something I would love to see in the United States, and throughout the rest of the world.  My one suggestion would be to spread the word via other social media platforms. Given the rise of social media in India, the campaign could benefit by increasing its social footprint.  But in the meantime, kudos to you Oreo India, keep up the good work!

One Response to “Bringing India together one Oreo at a time”

  1. As an Indian and Oreo enthusiast, I share your sense of wonder that people in India have survived for so long without these “biscuits.” Great topic choice and research to uncover how this iconic American brand is expanding into an unexpected market. You describe the campaign and its impact very well in your post – the only criticism is that you spend the bulk of your post sharing what the campaign is and your suggestions for how it could be improved or enhanced with social media are very minimal. As much as you can, try to limit the description of what the campaign is and what they are already doing so you can be sure to really focus your post on the part where you share your point of view on what makes it good or bad. (4)

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