Students Gone Social: India’s Hope for Advancement

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An excellent education is a universal goal that every parent dreams of for their child; this is especially true in India, a country optimistic about improving its education system. The harsh realization is that parents can’t always provide opportunities for those dreams to come true. Nearly 25 percent of India’s population (the second most populous country in the world) is illiterate and many are depending on its young population to change that reality.

Approximately 50 percent of the population is under the age of 25 years old and those college-aged are expected to carry India with their socially aware and entrepreneurial spirits.

20th century poet and playwright William Butler Yeats once said that “education is not filling a pail but the lighting of a fire.” We saw Mark Zuckerberg light a fire and educate us all with his exclusive site for Americans with an .edu email address, but the flame was seen across the world. Particularly in India, social media usage took off and has become an activity of nearly 30 million online users.

So it should be no surprise that the third largest social networking site, behind Facebook and Orkut, in India is a platform for young Indians (current students, recent graduates and entrepreneurs). was launched in 2007 and is goaled with joining young Indians at home and studying abroad seeking help with personal and professional matters.

The social network serves as a one-stop shop for those seeking advice on issues such as professional opportunities, and study abroad programs, to ratings on schools and work places. Campus SearchWhat they are doing right

Although the site’s premise seems to be primarily informational and started as just a means to help those wanting studying abroad, almost five years later – the possibilities led the site to become a completely interactive and multi-faceted portal. Subscribers can now blog, share photos and video, join groups and make friends. Sound familiar?

Smartly so, differentiated itself by keeping its focus on students. The online utility offers a Study Zone that guides on selection and application processes for institutions. When Bharat students aren’t in the zone, they can hang out in Café Bharat, which brings more opportunity user-generated video content on campus life, current events and popular culture.

Why they still needed Facebook

Reinventing the wheel is an often avoided tactic in business relations.  So in March announced it would integrate with Facebook in hopes of doubling its user base. Rather than trying to compete with the global leader, something no social site has been able to do thus far, executives made a wise strategic decision to leverage the capabilities Facebook already mastered and incorporate them for the benefit of their users.  Integration allows for to keep its user base at home while providing them with the perks of an even vaster global connection.

Where do they go from here?

It’s evident that the minds behind know the importance of niche markets and timeliness and with the next generation of innovators as their user base – the addition of a “Now Hiring” page should keep them in the game.



2 Responses to “Students Gone Social: India’s Hope for Advancement”

  1. Interesting subject and one that surprisingly was rarely talked about in other student’s posts. I liked your format for your post and the structure was clear and easy to follow. The screen shot helped to bring it to life, though you could use a larger image usually in this type of case because it is so hard to read. Still, a lot of strong choices for this post. The only area that felt weaker in comparison was the “where do they go from here” category. Your suggestion was a good one, but to leave it only at that left a lot of holes for readers to fill in. That was the section where you can really share your own thinking, so in the future definitely think about spending more time on that part specifically and I’m sure you’ll have a post that is ideal for this class and also properly brings your own thinking out for all the see. (4)

  2. nice post… bharatstudent will stand at no 2nd social networking site in india.. in few months

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