An Online Community; Connecting Generous Givers to Good Causes

In USA on July 25, 2011 by msjasminerenee

 The global financial crisis in Africa has had a huge impact on South African social organizations.   As a result, many small businesses and social interest groups have been forced to seek out cost effective ways to maintain and stay afloat.  So, in 2004 the GreaterGood Group (GG) developed an innovative concept that would help to stimulate investment and to unlock new sources of capital for social development in South Africa.


Created in 2004, the mission of GG is to create and increase the sector for social change by facilitating the full spectrum of giving and social investment in South Africa.  They are a public service organization who overall, connects givers with good causes through social networking engagement.  Some of the organizations’ achievements include being named as one of the Top 10 most trusted non-profits in the South Africa, providing social investment advice to 100 of South Africa’s top companies and international development agencies, and creating the online community that’s responsible for connecting 1,250 non-profits with 10,000 registered individual givers.  While GG created the online community platform, each individual organization is responsible for their own content.

Find. The website allows Givers to search for a cause that matches their passion and allows Causes (organizations) to find Givers who are seeking to help them meet their mission.  Givers can search by category, area, keyword, or by province.

 Connect. The website allows both audiences to connect with each other via the cause’s web profile, chat rooms, and Givers can click on links to various social networking sites.                                                                

The benefits of online donating to the “Giver”

 The online benefits to Givers are all about making giving simple and this is why GG’s website has been successful.  Givers should feel that they are in a safe environment and connected to a community of people who have a similar passion for their cause and they should be able to engage in some way with their cause.  Here are a few more additional benefits provided by GG to Givers. 

  • Givers have one centralized place for their donation records.
  • Givers give to legitimate causes securely online.
  • Givers are able to download their tax certificates.
  • Givers are connected to, help raise funds for and help create awareness through social networks connected to their respected good cause.

The benefits of online donating to the “Cause” 

For this community to thrive there has to be a benefit not only to the Giver, but also to the cause or organization itself.  After all, these are non-profit organizations in South Africa who have a passion for a social cause that rely on donations to help maintain their operations and most of them have limited resources. What this means, is that when selecting various vehicles to market their cause (service), the resource has to provide a high ROI.  GG provides these organizations with a cost effective (aka free to join) service that also includes the lowest possible online donation transaction fee.  Here are a few more additional benefits provided by GG to “Causes.”  

  • Causes will have their own cause profile web page.
  • Exposure to thousands of givers, newsletter subscribers, website visitors, Twitter and Facebook followers.
  • An online donation facility and donate now button.
  • Exposure to Greater Capital corporate clients looking for social investment opportunities.
  • Online tools that allow you to promote your work and fundraise.
  • Instantaneous connections to Givers.

Although most organizations believe that they have to have a major presence in the social media world, sticking to something as traditional as a website can be just as effective and GG is great proof.  GG should also be used to demonstrate how creativeness alone can be a resource for any small or non-profit organization.


One Response to “An Online Community; Connecting Generous Givers to Good Causes”

  1. I really like the idea behind this site and it was a good choice to focus your post on because there were lots of ways that you could explore what worked and what might not have worked about the site. Your post does a good job of summarizing what is offered on the GreaterGood site, but doesn’t really analyze it or offer your own point of view on how this is working. For example, you note that groups have limited resources and therefore a service like GG needs to offer good ROI. Their latest newsletter offered some intriguing findings about their service in terms of what people liked and didn’t like. In the newsletter (, one of the pieces of feedback that organizations shared was that it can be difficult for them to handle the administrative burden associated with small donations. Another point was that it can be quite resource intensive for them to even update their profiles on the GG site. How might the site make it easier for those users? What about some themes that those organizations who are using the site well have already done? Also, the GG site notes that their major challenge is getting more people to the site. How do you think they might do this? Any of these points would be great topics to try and focus on. Without building on your outline of what the site does, your post doesn’t share as much of your own voice and thinking as your reader wants to hear. (3 – 1 for late posting = 2)

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